Content Restriction

Thanks to the Content Restriction feature you have full control of your content so you can decide who is allowed to see and read any of your articles.

To enable Content Restriction go to Settings->BasePress->Content Restriction and click on ‘Activate content restriction’.

content restriction settings
Once activated you will find a new field on the articles editor called ‘Visible to:’ with the list of user roles. By default all user are allowed to see new content. To restrict the content deselect the roles you do not want to have access to the article.

content restriction roles

When an article is restricted it will become invisible to all users that don’t have the designated role. This means that it will not appear in section lists, widgets and search results. User roles are select-able independently so you can have great control about who sees what.

What makes BasePress Content Restriction unique?

Other knowledge base plugins allow you to choose the minimum role a user needs to read the content and still make the article appear in sections, widgets and search results. This way restricted articles remain visible to the user even if they cannot read them. Users might keep clicking on articles they have not access to making their experience more stressful.

BasePress goes a step further giving you a far more advanced system. You can target individual roles and make for example an article not visible to guests but also contributors. You can have articles for authors only or any combination that better suits your needs.

Because restricted articles are not visible to all users, finding articles and making searches becomes a better experience. Users will not be distracted by articles they cannot read and search results will not be filled with not accessible content.

While articles are not visible people may find a link to restricted articles and access them directly. If this happens they will be presented with a restricted content page notifying them that they have reached a restricted content.
This page can be personalized from the Content Restriction page. You can decide the text to appear in the notice and if you what a teaser content and/or a login form to appear.

Restricted Page

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