Insights is available only with BasePress Premium.

Insights lets you find out in a glance valuable data to understand how your visitors are using your knowledge base.
As many BasePress feature this is opt-in so to start collecting the metrics you need to go to BasePress settings and enable it.
In the settings you can also select the default time range you want the statistics to show results for and how many results to show for each insight.

insight settings

Once enabled you will find a new item called “Insights” in the Knowledge base menu to access the insights page.
On the left side of the page you can select the date range you want to see the statics for. Three presets are available for a week, month or year range. Alternatively you can select the start and end date of the statistics. Once the date range has been selected just click Apply to update the data shown.
Just below the date selectors there is “Manage Logs” that when clicked will allow you to delete the data and therefore free database space. You would need to specify the date up to where you want to keep the data. Anything older than that date will be deleted.

In the Products tab you can choose which products you want to see statistics for. By default it is set to global which gives you agglomerated results for all of your products. You can also select any product or a combination of them and in this case the graph will over impose the data for each product allowing you to compare them. The products tab is not present if you are using BasePress in “Single Product mode”.
Clicking on the product name next to the graph will temporarily hide the the curve for that specific product. This is helpful in case there are too many layers at once.

On the right top side you can select to see the statistics for Visits and Scores or Searches.

insights page


Every time you change the date range or select different products you can click on Apply to update the data.
All of the collected data is anonymous and therefore fully compliant with any privacy law.

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