Single or Multi Product Mode

Building a knowledge base means to organize information in a way that is easy to find. If you have more products or services, keeping them in the same knowledge base makes it more difficult to find the right articles. In particular when a user is interested in a particular product and makes a search, the results will be mixed and diluted with matching articles from other products. This reduces the chances for them to quickly find the information they are looking for.

BasePress is designed to function as both a single or multi product knowledge base. Apart from the points explained before the two modes differ slightly in the way the content is accessed.

When used in “Single product mode” the entry page to the knowledge base would display the list of the top sections in your knowledge base. Also the permalinks and breadcrumbs will no include the product name, making it behave as a standard knowledge base.

When BasePress is used for multiple products the entry page to the knowledge base will display a list of products for the user to choose. Every product can have a picture and a description to introduce them.

Once the user selects the product he/she will be directed to the list of sections for that product.

The permalinks and the breadcrumbs will include the product name and any search, suggested articles and all widgets content will be relative to the product the user is currently in.
In this way the user can focus on the product is interested in and the user experience will be improved by targeted results.

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